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"She was so nice about it" - Twitch streamer xChocoBars talks about fans treating Pokimane like a "zoo animal"

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In a recent Twitch stream by Janet “xChocoBars,” she discussed Imane “Pokimane,” and how unsettling some fan interactions can be.

While discussing how some fans treat superstars like Dua Lipa in the real world, Janet shed some light on an interaction she had while hanging out with Imane at Twitchcon in the past.Despite being harassed by someone who desperately wanted a selfie with Pokimane, the streamer was incredibly nice to them.

xChocoBars talked about how stream viewers feel entitled to someone famous’s time if they’re a fan or support them monetarily by purchasing their products or subbing to their stream.(Clip begins at 4:03:49)xChocoBars spent some time on a recent Twitch stream talking about how Dua Lipa was harassed by fans who wanted to take a photo with her while she was on vacation.

The streamer discussed how toxic fans were demanding the superstar’s time simply because they were fans. This led to a discussion about Pokimane and how people treat her.xChocoBars and Pokimane were hanging out at a Twitchcon, and the streamer went on to talk about a moment when fans invaded Pokimane’s personal space without consent and without any regard for how either of the streamers felt about it.While discussing this, xChocoBars mocked someone holding out their phone for a selfie.

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