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Who is Watchmeforever? AI Twitch streamer gets banned for 14 days for alleged transphobia

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An interesting story that has developed on Twitch over the past few days is that of Watchmeforever. The channel hosts an endless AI-generated episode of the popular '90s sitcom Seinfeld titled "Nothing, Forever."Artificial intelligence has become more readily available recently, with examples including applications like ChatGPT and DALL-E.

The public has taken an interest in generative AI, so it comes as no surprise that this Twitch channel became an instant success.However, issues arose with "Nothing, Forever" after its AI-generated version of Jerry Seinfeld began making transphobic and homophobic remarks in one of its stand-up bits.

This has since led to a 14-day ban from the platform and apologies from the channel's creators.Watchmeforever was created by a group called Mismatch Media, which describes itself as an experimental media lab.

As mentioned earlier, the channel streams a show called "Nothing, Forever," an endless, AI-generated sitcom that was heavily inspired by the '90s television series Seinfeld."Nothing, Forever" was created using OpenAI's ChatGPT-3 models (for the text) and Azure Cognitive Services (for the speech), as well as proprietary algorithms created by Mismatch Media.The goal of the channel is to provide an endless stream of AI-generated content, promising in its Twitch bio to run "365 days a year" and provide new content "every minute."A 14-day ban from Twitch has already thrown a wrench in that plan, as the AI-counterpart to Jerry Seinfeld began making homophobic and transphobic comments during one of the channel's stand-up comedy bits.This has been a common issue with different types of AI applications.

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