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"She's hiding"- LilyPichu reveals where her dog likes to rest when she is streaming

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A pretty adorable moment occurred during a recent We Were Here Forever stream with LilyPichu. One of the streamer’s dogs was napping on her desk, and one of the viewers called it a “cute looking skunk.”Saying it was a dog, she also revealed where her other pomeranian, Temmie was hiding.LilyPichu was playing We Were Here Forever recently, a partner-based puzzle game and one of her viewers brought up the small dog on her desk, calling it a cute skunk.

The small, adorable black and white Pomeranian apparently looked like a sunk, with its white and black fur, to the viewer.The streamer seemed pretty amused by the comment and said:Opening her pink jacket, the streamer had another surprise for her audience.

She revealed where her other pomeranian, Temmie, was casually hiding. The dog was nestled on the streamer's lap, happily taking a nap.(Clip begins at 4:27:29)LilyPichu then imitated the merchant from Resident Evil 4, who would show up and offer his wares to the player, before giggling and saying that Temmie was hiding.However, that was the end of the cute incident as she go tpulled back into the game right away.The streamer’s audience loved it.

Temmie’s very popular in the streamer's fanbase, and they were excited to see a secret, surprise Temmie during the stream. It was a very adorable moment, and everyone was excited for it.One user on Reddit found it particularly amusing, looking back on wolves that were ultimately domesticated.

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