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She-Hulk’s Mister Immortal is a nod to the greatest Avengers team of all time

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She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is making good on the legacy of She-Hulk comics by coming up with as many obscure superheroic legal situations as it can.

And in this week’s episode it created not one but two Marvel Cinematic Universe firsts, one that’s likely to become a big deal in the show’s rising stakes, and one that’s… probably definitely not. [Ed.

note: This piece contains spoilers for She-Hulk episode 6.] In episode 6, “Just Jen,” Jen attends an awkward Thursday wedding, while her paralegal Nikki and colleague Mallory Book are back at the office to handle the episode’s subplot: a “divorce” case featuring that famous founding Avenger, Mister Immortal.

Mister Immortal has the superpower to return from death almost immediately whenever he is killed. Unfortunately, he’s used that power to fraud his way out of seven marriages so far, by faking his death and disappearing the moment he gets bored with it.

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