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Shadowrun Trilogy: Complete Guide To The Matrix

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In the world of Shadowrun, the Matrix is what replaced the internet after the great crash of 2029 destroyed it.

It's a virtual reality space that Deckers interface with using Decks, and in the Shadowrun Trilogy, this takes the form of a digital space that you can tackle with avatars.

RELATED: Shadowrun Trilogy: Best Decker Builds Combat and exploration in the Matrix is very similar to combat and exploration in meat space (ahem, the real world) - apart from in the Hong Kong campaign, where stealth elements and a code-breaking minigame are added, making it a far more involved part of the game.

To access the Matrix, you'll need to find a jack-in point. These are always denoted clearly in-game and can be used by anyone who has a Deck equipped.

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