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Sentinals Valorant player Zellsis denies wrongdoing after Twitch bans him for allegedly using hateful language

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One of the newer additions to the Sentinels Valorant roster, Jordan "Zellsis," has recently been banned from Twitch. The professional esports player and Kay/O main has already appealed to Twitch Support on Twitter for a resolution and maintains that it is an erroneous strike and that he has not said anything hateful on stream.Jordan is a former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player who retired from the game back in 2020 to start a career in Riot's new tactical shooter.

Back in 2019, he had played for Cloud9 on trial. He got another shot at fame this July after he was picked up by Sentinels ahead of the North American Last Chance Qualifiers.The pro Valorant player and streamer has vehemently contested the decision in his tweets, calling it an unfair ban.

He even pointed out that it probably was an erroneous strike like that of Prod and Shanks, where Twitch mistook one expletive for the homophobic F-word:The player immediately caught on to the ban and reacted in his usual unfiltered manner, using expletives:He then proceeded to tag Twitch Support, promising to be a "good boy" if they revoked the ban:The tweets continued to pour in as the player kept trying to garner attention from fellow streamers and players to get his account unbanned:He even tried to get people to use the hashtag "#FreeZellsis" to catch the eye of Twitch's high command:Streamers, fans, and esports personalities have come out in support of Zellsis after his Twitch ban.

The player just got verified on Twitter after playing the NA LCQ, and many Twitteratis made fun of him for getting banned soon after:Sentinels announced the news of his joining the team days after Shroud's legendary move to join their roster.

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