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Rogue Legacy 2: How To Defeat The Estuary Lamech Boss

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Rogue Legacy 2 was developed by Cellar Door Games and was first released in Early Access back in August 2020 before receiving its full release in April 2022.

The roguelike platformer has been well-received, exemplified by the game's 87 Metascore on Xbox Series X/S and 90 Metascore on PC.Rogue Legacy 2: Gold Farming TipsLike many games in the roguelike genre, Rogue Legacy 2 can be unforgivably difficult at times.

One of the game's first difficulty spikes comes when players encounter Estuary Lamech, the game's first boss. For those struggling to beat or even find the first boss, here are some tips and strategies.Before players are able to defeat Estuary Lamech, it's helpful if they can find him first.Rogue Legacy 2: Biggest Changes From The OriginalAs Rogue Legacy 2 implements procedurally generated levels, there's no set route to finding him.

Moreover, even when players find the door to his boss room (pictured above), they still have to work out how to get inside, as the doors are initially locked.To open the door, players need to hear a clue from the blue floating aura that is next to the room. If the aura simply says, «You hear a thousand whispers, but you can’t make out a voice…» then the Aesop's Tome Heirloom is needed, which can be found by completing a mini-dungeon hidden in the procedurally generated world.

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