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Review: DualSense Edge is the most premium PS5 controller yet

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Over seven years after Xbox introduced its premium Elite controller, PlayStation users have been crying out for their own official ‘pro’ alternative.Sony dabbled in premium pad options with 2020’s DualShock back button attachment, but it arrived late in the PS4’s lifecycle and of course isn’t supported by PS5’s DualSense.That’s meant that any PS5 owner looking for customisation and additional buttons has been forced to dive into the third-party market, with controllers such as Scuf Reflex Pro offering a premium (and pricey) alternative, but without many of Sony’s flagship features such as haptics and adaptive triggers.Enter the DualSense Edge, a new $200 / £210 official controller that adds a lot of the features hardcore players have been asking for, such as the ability to add extra back buttons, tweak the deadzones of its sticks and triggers, along with the kind of slick backend integration only a first-party product can offer.As you’d expect, the appearance and build quality of Edge is top-notch.

The design is clearly strictly based on the original DualSense, which many would agree is an excellent pad in terms of feel, and holding the Edge in your hands feels incredibly similar to the PS5 controller.The Edge’s aesthetic design changes are subtle but, in our opinion, an improvement; it weighs ever so slightly more in your hands (335g versus the original’s 281g), with new black accents along the rear, touch pad and face buttons.The lower black ‘faceplate’ part of the controller now sports sleeker lines and a glossy finish, which initially concerned us for how smudgy it could get, but after five days of use still looks fairly presentable.Elsewhere, the touchpad now features a slicker design with embossed PlayStation

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