I wish I could buy this beautiful DualSense PS5 controller

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Sony has sent PlayStation employees a custom PlayStation 5 DualSense controller as a gift to mark the end of 2022  – and I can’t help but be jealousInsomniac Games’ senior manager, Aaron Jason Espinoza, tweeted(opens in new tab) pictures of the redesigned DualSense controller, explaining that it was a “holiday gift” from Sony to “celebrate a fantastic 2022”.This stunning ‘Play Has No Limits’ controller has PlayStation’s iconic button shapes, with faint, geometric gray lines connecting them, across its touchpad and grips, while the back is stamped with “Play Has No Limits 2022”.

It even comes with a black stand that says “2022” on it.Arrived in the mail yesterday: the @PlayStation Holiday Gift! It's a specially made DualSense Controller for employees to celebrate a fantastic 2022.

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