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Return To Monkey Island: Prelude Walkthrough - An Unexpected Story Begins

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Welcome to Return to Monkey Island! Whether you're a veteran of the series or a total newbie to adventure games, this game has something for everyone - swashbuckling humor, great puzzles, and a gripping story.

RELATED: Monkey Island: The Ask Me About Loom Joke, Explained What's more, there's a fantastic introduction to the game that eases you into the kind of puzzles, controls, and leaps of logic you'll need to master to make your way through.

Here's our complete guide to the prelude to make it even smoother sailing. When the game begins, you'll be in control of a very young Guybrush, with Chuckie following his every move.

Take a moment to get to know the control scheme of the game: In your inventory, you'll find your To-Do List, which currently has only one item on it for now: Buy Scurvydogs.

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