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Renting Goes Wrong In The Chilling Trailer For Barbarian

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20th Century Studios has released the trailer for the upcoming 2022 horror film Barbarian. Sometimes staying at a hotel or rental home can be creepy, and that's certainly the case in Dave Franco's 2020 directorial debut The Rental. Barbarian takes on the dangers of renting a place to stay, telling the story of a character who is hoping to get a job and whose Airbnb stay turns terrifying.Horror fans can check out the trailer and look forward to what is sure to be an entertaining and exciting story.Nope Trailer Sheds A Light On Jordan Peele's Mysterious Alien PlotIn Barbarian, Tess (Georgina Campbell) is on her way to Detroit, hoping to get a job.

When there's a mishap and the rental house that she is supposed to stay at already has a man there named Keith, she agrees to stay there as well.

The movie seems to be set in a single location and from the trailer alone, it's clear that Tess is a solid horror movie main character.The trailer opens with an all-too familiar and relatable situation: arriving at a rental home and finding it locked.

The main character rings the doorbell to no avail, clearly frustrated after a day of travel. When the man who is there suggests that she «come inside and we'll call these idiots,» she is clearly a bit nervous but doesn't seem to have any other options.

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