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Remembering Those Who Were Lost - Updating the Blue Dragonflight's Gravestones

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In the new Blue Dragonflight questline, we visit the Veiled Ossuary — an area in Thaldraszus that once acted as the graveyard for the Blue Dragonflight — to help prepare the area so that the remaining essences of Malygos and Sindragosa can finally be put to rest.

Part of our preparations involves putting up new gravestones — as well as updating some older stones — to reflect the deaths of those Blue Dragons who have passed on since leaving the Dragon Isles.

The Gravestones Updating the gravestones requires adjusting a lot of names, including several that we recognize: Malygos of course, Umbrelskul, Eldragosa, Saragosa, Arygos, Balacgos, and Sapphiron.

Most of the names listed on the new gravestones are dragons we've never met before, apart from three — Tarecgosa, Kaldrigosa, and Madrigosa.

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