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Rell's upcoming Mid-Scope Update illustrated by League of Legends developer

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Following the announcement from the League of Legends developers Riot Brightmoon and Riot Meddler that Rell, Neeko, and Ivern are set to be the three champions that the game developers are aiming towards for a Mid-Scope Update, Riot Yasua, and Riot Raptop further elaborated regarding Rell and updated the community by providing insight on how they are working on the update.Despite Rell being a modern League of Legends champion, she struggled to have the impact of her fellow modern champions like Yone, Samira, Lillia, Seraphine, and others.One major factor for this is that Rell's kit is very punishing, especially when a League of Legends player misses her W (Ferromancy: Crash Down).

Although the game does have a plethora of champions that are difficult to play when a player misses a crucial ability, none of them feel quite as punishing as Rell does for now.On the /dev blog, League of Legends developer Riot Raptor (Champions Team Designer) stated that although Rell was aimed at being a champion with an exciting playstyle that involved swapping between mounted and unmounted forms, they certainly missed the mark in catching the player base's attention as she struggled to be a popular pick unlike other modern champions.One of the primary reasons behind this is that Rell, while a situationally strong champion, does feel quite punishing to play as missing her W (Ferromancy: Crash Down) can make the overall experience of playing as this champion quite frustrating.In context to that, Riot Raptor provided an insight into what aspects of Rell's kit the game developers are looking to improve upon in order to make her more viable for players to pick.As such, the League of Legends developers are looking to enhance her gameplay

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