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RDR2's Skinner Brothers Gang Are Even Creepier Than You Realize

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The Skinner Brothers are the most horrifying gang in Red Dead Redemption 2, but they may be even more terrifying than most players realize.

The Skinners don't make an appearance until the epilogue, and their sheer brutality is horrific to witness. Even so, some well-hidden details provide clues that the Skinner Brothers gang is even creepier than initially thought, and that a supernatural element may be at play. [Warning: The following article contains spoilers for RDR2.]  The Skinner Brothers are one of Red Dead Redemption 2's many gangs.

Unlike most of the game's gangs, who spend a lot of their time robbing and killing for money, the Skinner Brothers don't seem to care about money at all.

Everything that the Skinners do seems to be focused on killing and torturing people in terrible ways only matched by RDR2's serial killer Edmund Lowry Jr.

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