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Psylocke card in Marvel Snap: Ability, variants, and more

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The hottest TCG at the moment, Marvel Snap has a lot to offer to fans of the Marvel Universe. This free-to-play title from developers Second Dinner offers a relatively simplistic yet engaging turn-based card battle.

Players compete with their unique decks of 12 cards each.Snap utilizes the Marvel Universe as its cast, depicted in its various collectible digital cards for players to obtain.

This guide will detail the Character cards based on Psylocke.Note: Minor spoilers for the abilities of Psylocke’s cards in Marvel Snap will follow.

Viewer discretion is recommended.Psylocke is a Character card in Marvel Snap with a Cost of 2 and a Power of 1. On Reveal, this particular card generates +1 Energy for your next turn.She can be described as either being game-breaking or a must-have.

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