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Predator Prequel Prey Receives Rave Reviews Ahead Of Premiere

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Another film in the Predator series is emerging from the mist, with guns blazing. Prey, which releases this week,seeks to re-imagine the series on the heels of the disappointing 2018 reboot.

And so far, the reviews for the latest film have been surprisingly positive.The Predator series does not often evoke confidence in viewers.

While the original 1987 film is seen as a classic, all of its five sequels have debuted to responses that were lukewarm at best.

But it appears that the newest entry, Prey, might change that. Although the film is not yet out, as of today it has a 94% rating on RottenTomatoes, which aggregated this score from the 83 major film reviews published so far.Could Prey Fix A Long-Standing Problem With The Predator Franchise?Prey, based on the trailer,takes the tired premise of the Predator franchise and molds it into something that feels surprisingly new.

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