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Pokemon Legends: Arceus — Request 63 Guide (Fancy, Fashionable Wormadam)

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Character customization has been a feature in the Pokemon franchise since Pokemon X & Y. Despite Pokemon Legends: Arceus taking place in old Sinnoh, players thankfully have the option to choose their character's looks and wardrobe.

These features are ready as soon as the main character receives their Survey Corps uniform, but some players may find the customization options to be limited.Fortunately, as players advance through Pokemon Legends: Arceus' main campaign, they'll unlock requests that expand the wares at Jubilife Village's boutique, and increase the number of hairstyles and colors available at the hair salon.

As players unlock a new region, there will be a new request for these two stores. Request 63: Fancy, Fashionable Wormadam, is the third request in completing the clothing store.Pokemon Legends: Arceus — Request 56 Guide (Getting Help from Machoke)In order to unlock Request 63: Fancy, Fashionable Wormadam, players will need to do the following:Before players head out to the Coronet Highlands, they can find Anthe with a request Icon over her head.

If they speak to her, they'll unlock Request 63. She'll want to see Wormadam, one of Burmy's evolved forms. Fans familiar with the series will know that Wormadam is a female-only species and has three different forms.

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