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Persona 5 Royal: How to Get Protein and How it Works

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Persona 5 Royal brought some huge changes to the original Persona 5, massively expanding the hit JRPG from P-Studio and Atlus.

As well as an entire extra semester of story, Persona 5 Royal also overhauled many of the day-to-day activities that players can choose from, including physical training.Being a Phantom Thief is tiring work, and Joker needs to be in top shape to survive the many palaces of Persona 5 Royal.

Fortunately, players can train either at home or in a Shibuya gym to increase their HP and SP, and boost their results with the use of Protein.Persona 5 Royal: All Crossword Puzzle AnswersThere are a huge number of consumables and power-ups for players to collect in Persona 5 Royal, but the three kinds of Protein are among the most useful. All Proteins restore 30% HP to an ally when used in battle, but using it outside of battle can help Joker get increased gains from his physical training.The cheapest of the three is simply called Protein, and players can find an unlimited supply of it for ¥2,000 each at Rocinante Discount Store.Moist Protein is slightly more effective, and costs ¥4,500 at the Next Ace Sports Shop in Persona 5 Royal's Shibuya district.

Unlike Protein, Moist Protein can only be bought once a day.Finally, there is Imported Protein, which is also found at Next Ace Sports Shop, but costs ¥8,000 and only restocks once a month.

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