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Paradox Arc space strategy game Stardeus set for Steam Early Access

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Paradox Arc space strategy game Stardeus hopes to follow in the footsteps of fellow colony sims such as RimWorld, Factorio, and Oxygen Not Included to stand among the best simulation games on PC as it launches on Steam Early Access this October.

Coming from Lithuanian developer Kodo Linija as part of Paradox’s new indie publishing initiative, Stardeus is a space-based management game that positions you as an immortal AI exploring a vast, procedural universe.

Paradox Interactive’s new Arc publishing initiative aims to bring games from small studios “which capture the Paradox DNA” to market, following in the wake of its own big names including Stellaris, Europa Universalis, and Cities: Skylines.

Stardeus sees you in the shoes of a new AI put in charge of building and managing a starship – you’ll be supervising a mix of robots, drones, and human workers to manage the construction and maintenance of the intergalactic colony ship.

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