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Overwatch 2 Could Bring Controversial Maps Back for New Game Modes

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Overwatch 2 should allow developers the ability to do more than they can with Overwatch, as its outdated systems complicate development.

These changes include taking undesirable systems out of Overwatch 2 like loot boxes, the «on fire» meter, some crowd control abilities, among other things.

Along with improved character models, time of day map settings, and the new Push game mode, Overwatch 2 will launch without one of its most derided game modes «Assault,» more commonly known as 2CP from playlists.The retirement of the 2CP from Quick Play and Competitive playlists in Overwatch 2 will mean that the public will no longer interact with maps that have greater value to the overall lore of Overwatch.

The 'Infiltration' cinematic that included Widowmaker, Reaper, and Sombra took place on Volskya Industries which is one of 5 2CP maps in Overwatch.

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