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NVIDIA Patent Could Lead to More Realistic Shadows in Video Games

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Nvidia has made a name for itself not just by being one of the two customer-facing graphics card manufacturers on the market, but also by focusing on the research and development of a wealth of cutting-edge 3D rendering technologies.

From the company's own raytracing solution, RTX, all the way to its backend latency optimization features, such as Nvidia Reflex.It's not particularly strange, then, for Nvidia to submit an all-new shadow casting patent that, by the looks of it, may well lead to substantially improved area light shadows.

Curiously, this particular patent describes a new way of rendering shadows: a technique that runs in parallel with raytracing and doesn't incur nearly as significant of a performance penalty, though it seems to come with a potential caveat.PC Gamer Orders Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti from Amazon, Gets Sand InsteadSpecifically, Nvidia used its latest patent to describe voxel cone tracing, VCT.

This technique is used by determining four points in a given space that are then used to determine light occlusion and shadow rendering.

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