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Pokemon Anime Reveals Official Stats for Ash, Cynthia, and More

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Although he's been 10 for the twenty-five years he's been journeying in the Pokemon anime, Ash has plenty of battles and captures under his belt.

The Pokemon trainer has been trying to be the very best since his first step out of Pallet Town in 1997, and that journey continues to this day.The Pokemon anime has recently seen Ash's journey to the Galar region's Pokemon Masters Tournament, giving him another opportunity to take the title of the very best.

While fans wait to see what the outcome of Ash's fight with Cynthia will be, a new chart is demonstrating Ash and others' capabilities in battle.Pokemon Anime Reveals Semi-Finals Bracket for Masters TournamentThe chart originated in a promo for thePokemon anime, with Ash, Cynthia, Leon, and Diantha's battle statistics.

Each character's skills and fighting party are divided up into Attack, Defense, Speed, Strategy, Experience, and Unpredictability.

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