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Nvidia CEO Says Expensive Video Cards Are The New Normal

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Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang has some bad news for PC gamers. Speaking to reporters after revealing the RTX 40-series, Huang said that the era of constantly falling GPU prices is over and to expect things to keep getting more expensive. "Moore’s Law is dead," said Huang (as reported by Digital Trends). "A 12-inch wafer is a lot more expensive today.

The idea that the chip is going to go down in price is a story of the past." Related: Portal's RTX Mode Has Ripped Out Its Soul Moore's Law was first coined by Intel co-founder Gordon Moore who said that chip speed will roughly double every two years.

Consequently, the price of existing chips will be cut in half every two years as well. However, the global chip shortage has proven that market forces can keep chip prices high regardless of what Moore has to say about it.

Of course, Huang has a big incentive to declare the death of Moore's Law. The GeForce RTX 4090 is will be priced at a whopping $1,599 for a Founders Edition card when it arrives next month, and PC gamers aren't too happy about paying the price of a decent gaming rig for a single GPU.

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