Nvidia CEO proclaims 'Moore's law is dead' over RTX 40-series GPU pricing

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After the recent reveal of Nvidia's 40-series graphics cards(opens in new tab), you're probably one of many scrunching your nose up over the pricing.

Well, the company's CEO, Jensen Huang has some words of wisdom to share with you and perhaps ease your wallet into opening just that little bit wider.

In a press conference, Gordon Ong of PC world asked, «Is there anything you would like to say to the community regarding pricing on the new generation of parts, as well as, can they expect to see better pricing at some point and basically address all the loud screams that I'm seeing everywhere?»  After complimenting the guy on his choice of R2D2 background (seconded), Jensen had this to say: «Moore's law is dead.

And the ability for Moore's Law to deliver twice the performance at the same cost, or the same performance at half the cost every year and a half is over.

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