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Nope Is About Filmmaking, Human Nature, And Exploitation - It Demands Your Attention

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In my review of Nope, I wrote that I felt it has reinvented what it meant to be both a Jordan Peele film and a summer blockbuster.

It's one of the most refreshing big summer movies in years, but it also has clear roots in the first ever big summer movie, 1975's Jaws.

Get Out was crystal clear in what the movie was 'about' (in the broad big picture sense that it was about racism and white people robbing Black culture while devaluing Black lives), but both Us and, to a greater extent, Nope leave things a little more ambiguous.

I've always read Us as a statement on how America treats its citizens, and by the same token, Nope feels like it might be about how America treats its filmmakers. This article contains major spoilers for Nope. Nope is defined by the film industry.

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