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Neve Campbell Returns To Her Horror Roots In American Red Cross Ad

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The American Red Cross has released an ad asking people to please donate blood and Neve Campbell, best known for playing the role of Sidney Prescott in the beloved Scream franchise, stars in it.The ad, called «A Bloody Nightmare,» jokes about how instead of losing blood in horror movies, people should donate it.

The video delves into the silly choices that characters in this genre make as they put themselves in the face of danger and walk right into a killer's lair.Jenna Ortega Claims Scream 6 Features The Most Violent Ghostface YetThe ad opens in a way that is familiar to many: with a snapshot of a home at night, looking like many of the most famous horror movie houses.

Neve Campbell is wearing a leather jacket, which is how Sidney often dresses in the Scream franchise. Campbell is about to go upstairs when she turns to the camera and asks, «Why am I running from the killer instead of grabbing something big and sharp?

Dumb.»There are many memorable slasher movie quotes, especially from Sidney, and since she often talks about how stupid horror movie characters are because they run upstairs instead of out the front door, fans of the franchise will appreciate this line.

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