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No More Heroes Creator Wants Ryan Gosling As Travis Touchdown In Movie

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Suda51 wants to see Travis Touchdown brought to life in a No More Heroes movie and thinks Ryan Gosling is the man for the job.

With video game movies finding their footing lately with successful endeavors like the Sonic the Hedgehog films and the League of Legends-based Netflix series Arcane, a big-screen adventure with the eccentric assassin Travis Touchdown could theoretically be another addition to that list.

Developer Goichi Suda, known by his alias Suda51, has been the creative mind behind some of gaming's most zany action titles, including No More Heroes, Shadows of the Damned, and the soon-to-return Lollipop Chainsaw.

To say that No More Heroes star, Travis Touchdown, is an unorthodox protagonist would be an understatement. Broke and down on his luck, Travis takes on an assassination job to earn extra cash for his anime and video game hobbies, leading to Travis becoming the world's 11th best killer.

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