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Nintendo Switch Joy-Con drifting? These Hori replacements are just $20 right now

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Nintendo Switch Joy-Con drift is (still) a real problem, but with official controllers holding their $79.99 MSRPs pretty close, finding a quick, affordable replacement while your original is being fixed isn't always easy.

That's where Hori's officially licensed D-Pad controllers come in - and right now you can pick up these controllers for just $19.99 (opens in new tab) in Amazon's Nintendo Switch deals(previously $24.99).

You're only saving $5 here, but we seldom see too much off the original price here - this is the cheapest these Zelda and Pokemon models have been all year.

Plus, it beats dropping $80 on a whole new official set. The Hori D-Pad Nintendo Switch controllers also have another trick up their sleeve - and the clue's in the name.

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