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Nintendo celebrates Pikmin 4 with My Nintendo merch and digital rewards

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Although Pikmin 4 isn’t actually out until sometime next year, Nintendo is getting ahead of the curve with, you guessed it, merch.

A new wave of Pikmin 4 My Nintendo goodies are out, including stuff you can buy directly from the store, and a few small digital rewards.

As far as merch goes there’s two versions of the Pikmin logo t-shirt that Miyamoto wore in the Direct, as well as plush toys for Chappie [also called Bulborb or Chappy] (the big creatures that you typically murder in the series), Olimar, and yellow/blue/red Pikmin.

The decorative drinkware decals from 2020 for 400 Platinum Points are also back in stock. My Nintendo rewards include a printable pop-up card for 30 Platinum, and a wallpaper (landscape and portrait) for 50 Platinum.

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