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NFL player Kyler Murray’s performance degraded due to playing too much Call of Duty, Reddit suggests

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Call of Duty is a franchise from Activision that is played by millions of gamers on a daily basis across numerous gaming platforms.

With the likes of NFL player Cameron Dicker being COD's official partner, a recent study on Reddit about another NFL player, Kyler Murray, suggests a deterioration in performance due to playing too much Call of Duty.With no further ado, let's take a deeper look into what the analysis has to say.American football quarterback player Kyler Murray of the Arizona Cardinals recently garnered interest in the NFL subreddit after an analysis from user u/NegativeBee implied that the player's performance in the sport has taken a hit during COD's Double XP weekends.Activision encourages players to play their battle-royale title more during the weekends and allows them to earn double XP to level up their characters and weapons in-game.

While a good reward for those who are unable to log into the game on a daily basis, it would seem these weekends have caught Kyler Murray’s attention as well.The Reddit post from user u/NegativeBee, that at the moment has over 97% upvotes, highlights that promotional events in the game have a direct influence on the player’s performance.

Some of the keynotes from the post are as follows:While comments from Kyler Murray regarding this study are still yet to be heard, his recent contract urging a reduced in-game time suggests that COD might indeed be affecting his performance on the field.Call of Duty is one of the biggest gaming franchises out there.

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