Naruto's Strongest Ninja Debate Was Settled With One Devastating Attack

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In a world populated by soul-stealing aliens, supernaturally powered ninjas, and biologically engineered androids, a common and ongoing debate among Naruto fans is who is the most powerful ninja.

While there's a good argument for more than a few characters, there is one event, an attack, that single-handedly, and persuasively reveals who's the strongest ninja ever.

Born in a time of war, just a few generations after the arrival on Earth of his family's matriarch Naruto's big villainKaguya Otsutsuki, Madara Uchiha was blessed with all the abilities to be a great ninja.

His great grandfather Indra was even the creator of ninjutsu. Being that he and his family were in a constant state of stress, he had plenty of opportunities to use and develop his ninja skills.

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