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Modern Warfare 2 'Puget Lakes' error: How to fix, possible reasons, and more

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 came out almost a month ago, on October 28, as Activision released it as the new front-running campaign multiplayer game for the entire franchise.

The title is expected to mark the beginning of a new era of the Call of Duty saga with the introduction of increased immersion via realistic changes in in-game features like movement and combat mechanics.Fans have been encountering a new in-game bug prohibiting them from enjoying Modern Warfare 2 smoothly.

The error is called “Puget Lakes” and is titled for a specific field issue occurring on the server side. An error code is assigned to help the developers identify which part of the game is causing the issue so they can focus on it or directly look at the vicinity of the bug.Modern Warfare 2 became the fastest-selling game in the franchise, beating the previous records, which caused a massive number of players to flood the servers.

In an attempt to experience the new game and grind for rewards and progression, the servers might sometimes misfire, causing server-side issues.Players can continue to read the discussion below as we try to understand the cause of the issue and the possible fixes that can be deployed on the user’s end.Encountering some in-game bugs and server issues is to be expected when it concerns a multiplayer game with such a huge player count.

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