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Modern Warfare 2 beta enemy visibility heads up patch notes

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A round of changes have come to the Modern Warfare 2 beta as PC players get their hands on the new Call of Duty game, with improvements to enemy visibility topping the list of patch notes.

While the Modern Warfare 2 beta preload has run into issues for some users on Battlenet and Steam, players are already spending plenty of time trying out the latest offering from Infinity Ward as it strives to live up to the legacy of some of the best multiplayer games on PC.

The developer outlines a range of updates included following the initial beta weekend, which took place exclusively on Sony PlayStation platforms.

Chief among them – and likely most welcomed by fans – are “adjustments to player visibility that should make enemy targets easier to spot.” I got my first hands-on with the game as part of this second beta weekend, and it definitely seemed easier than what I’d heard from initial reports.

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