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Modern Warfare 2 beta “Connection Failed” error: How to possibly fix it

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The second session of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 beta is now live. In it, COD fans are having a great time trying out some of the amazing features that the upcoming franchise entry has to offer.However, the shooter’s beta has been plagued with a significant number of performance issues across all platforms: PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

Moreover, some of the problems players have faced involve network and connectivity. One example is the “Connection Failed” error, which has been popping up for many when either in a match or when trying to launch the game.Unfortunately, as Moder Warfare 2 is still in its beta, there is no permanent fix to the problem just yet.

However, today’s guide will go over certain measures that players can take to fix it temporarily.The reason why the “Connection Failed” error occurs in Modern Warfare 2 is not something that the community has been able to pinpoint just yet.

However, here are a few steps that players will be to take to fix it temporarily:If the above-mentioned steps do not work when it comes to fixing the “Connection Failed” error, players are advised to contact the official Customer Support Team using this link:

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