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Minecraft: How To Farm Iron

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A survival game like Minecraft requires its players to figure out ways to collect as many resources as they can to sustain themselves in its world.

This includes creating a farm that will output a solid rate of items so that the player may never run into a situation to look out for it again.Minecraft: Mobs That Changed The Game ForeverOne of the more common Minecraft factories that are created in survival is an iron farm.

This requires players to get iron golems to spawn at a decent rate to gather their iron. Taking on these creatures individually can be part of the solution, but it's better to create a system that does this on its own.Any iron farm must be created eight blocks above the surface to avoid golems spawning on the ground.

Players should use building blocks to create a decent size box where villagers can live in. This area must have two blocks of space in it to let villagers in but not enough room for golems to fit.Once the farm starts, golems should spawn on top of the villager box.

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