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Minecraft Could Return to Fireflies in a Broader Wildlife Update

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The next Minecraft update can be viewed in two halves. On the one hand, it emphasizes a scary new biome hidden at the bottom of the world, packed with treasure and new threats alike.

On the other hand, it has a lot to do with adjusting the experience of the Minecraft overworld, specifically in Minecraft swamps.

Players can look forward to frogs, mangrove trees, and mud blocks that'll make swamps feel more detailed and realistic than ever.

However, Mojang has scrapped one planned swamp feature: fireflies. Since real-life frogs can't eat some fireflies, Mojang has decided to remove these bioluminescent bugs from the upcoming update.It's a shame to think that fireflies won't come to Minecraft after all, since they would've been a great help in improving the atmosphere of swamps.

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