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Metaphor's updated zero-recoil Warzone 2 M4 loadout is overpowered in Season 1 Reloaded

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The low TTK of the weapons in Warzone 2 has given rise to a competitive meta. Though there are a few guns that stand slightly above the rest in Season 1, players will still be able to choose from an extensive list of viable weapons.In the Assault Rifle (AR) category of Warzone 2, although the meta Kastov 762 performs slightly better than the rest regarding pure damage output and time-to-kill (TTK) value, it still remains unpalatable for too many players due to its high recoil and low rate of fire.As such, players searching for an assault rifle loadout that offers minimal recoil, yet performs exceptionally well, can give Metaphor's updated no-recoil M4 loadout a try.Metaphor is quite a well-known streamer in the Warzone 2 community, and he regularly uploads videos on loadouts, tips, gameplay, and a lot more about the title on this YouTube channel.In one of his most recent uploads, Metaphor showcased an M4 loadout with zero recoil while firing the weapon.

According to the streamer, this loadout has the potential to laser people at mid-range and is "crazy good."The M4 of Warzone 2 is one of the default weapons in the title and is modeled after the real-life Colt M4A1 assault rifle.

As we all know, this gun is strictly a close to mid-range AR, which is not very effective in long-range combat.To be effective with this loadout, players need to shorten the distance between themselves and their enemies and keep the combat range between themselves around 30 to 50 meters.To get the fastest TTK of this loadout, which stands at 592 ms, players must be within a range of 32 meters.

The TTK within this range is even faster than Kastov 762, which is at 611 ms within this combat range.Metaphor recommends players to kit the gun with the

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