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Mario Strikers Battle League adds Diddy Kong and Pauline as playable characters

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Mario Strikers Battle League has a meaty and free new update that adds Diddy Kong and Pauline as playable characters, a new stadium, a new gear set, a new ranking system, and a bunch of fairly significant balancing tweaks.

At launch, Mario Strikers saw mixed reviews, and the majority of complaints seemed to revolve around its relative lack of content - our own 2.5/5-star review called it an "undercooked" and "slightly thin experience," while noting its robust mechanics and fun animations.

Today's Mario Strikers Battle League update is the second to add a bunch of new stuff. The headliners are obviously the quick and nimble Diddy Kong and the surprisingly powerful Pauline.

The character made her debut way back in 1981's Donkey Kong as Mario's love interest before Peach, and she much more recently made a comeback in Super Mario Odyssey, where she served as the mayor of the game's uncontested best level, New Donk City.

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