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Magic: The Gathering's All Will Be One enchantment promises incredible amounts of power

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Magic: The Gathering’s Phyrexia: All Will Be One expansion is truly heating up when it comes to spoilers. One of the most powerful enchantments that the community has potentially seen was revealed as part of the upcoming release, All Will Be One.

Interestingly, this card features Elesh Norn in its art, and bears the name of the expansion itself, which should tell you plenty about it.Although the card art features Elesh Norn, this enchantment is a red Mythic Rare, and what it does is genuinely fascinating.

It looks to synergize well with other recent reveals that reward players with plenty of counters across their permanents. Here’s what you need to know about the upcoming All Will Be One enchantment in Magic: The Gathering.Despite having a 5 mana value, All Will Be One is a card that could definitely get out of control very quickly.

Several players are coming up with fiendish ideas where players can use them to deal plenty of damage out of practically nowhere.What exactly does this card do and what makes All Will Be One such a ferocious, game-ending enchantment?It should be noted that the wording on this Magic: The Gathering card is particularly specific.

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