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Lost your AirPods? Relax, your iPhone can find it around the WORLD! Here is how

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What will you do to find a thief who stole something precious you have? A man named Lewis Ellis flew 4000 miles and spent £2,300 to find the thief who stole his Apple AirPods, according to a report by The Sun.

As per the report, he located his earphone after seeing them travel from Qatar to Nepal to Thailand and back over the course of five months.

Ellis had lost his buds in a flight while he was travelling from Bangkok to Doha. As he realised that he had left the AirPods while getting off the flight, he wanted to get back in to collect it.

However, the airline staff told him he could not go back to the plane to retrieve them, but not to worry as he would be in the same seat on his way home to Manchester.But, when he went to the flight to Manchester, the buds were not there.

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