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Lost Ark Trailer Highlights the New Content Coming This Month

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Lost Ark has earned its place among the most successful new MMORPGs. The game peaked at 1,325,305 concurrent players in February, making it the second most played game on Steam.

While the Korean MMO couldn’t sustain that meteoric rise, it still enjoys nearly 600,000 players on Steam.Lost Ark’s developers aren’t done with the game, however.

Amazon and Smilegate just released a new trailer showcasing the new content for May 2022. The new Destined for Destruction update includes a brand-new class and raid for the successful MMO.Lost Ark Addresses Issues With BotsThe trailer primarily focused on the free-to-play MMORPG’s new Destroyer Advanced Class.

The Destroyer wields a massive war hammer with which to batter his enemies into submission. However, it’s not just a bludgeon, as the Destroyer can manipulate gravity to pelt foes with chunks of terrain.

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