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Lost Ark Addresses Issues With Bots

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Lost Ark's developers have just made a statement in an official newsletter regarding the game's bot situation and how they intend to deal with the issue.

This comes as many Lost Ark players are understandably frustrated by the growing number of bots plaguing the game's community.Originally released in South Korea in 2019, Lost Ark came several years later to Western audiences on February 11, thanks to a publishing deal with Amazon Games, resulting in a major success for the action-RPG genre.

The game has consistently remained one of the top five most played titles on Steam every day while setting the record as the second most played Steam game of all time with 1.3 million concurrent players.

As a free-to-play game with an addicting Diablo-style loot system, a massive world to explore, and a robust character build system, the game has been able to attract millions of gamers while holding their attention for countless hours.Lost Ark is Getting its Own Battle PassOne of the biggest caveats to the free-to-play model is, unfortunately, the ease at which bots can be used to manipulate the game's systems.

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