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"London might just be like ropes for filming" - Zerkaa explains why the Sidemen quit filming in London

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Sidemen member Josh "Zerkaa," took to his Twitch stream to explain why filming on the streets of London is no longer a feasible option for the group.

Sidemen, who are pushing for the 18 million subscriber mark, is presently the 23rd biggest channel in the UK. For those unaware, the YouTube group includes the likes of JJ "KSI," Harry "W2S,", Simon "Miniminter," Vik "Vikkstar123," Ethan "Behzinga," Tobi "TBJZL," and, Josh.The group has managed to accumulate celebrity-like status in the United Kingdom.

With London being home to nearly 9 million people, filming in the city has become a major roadblock for the group. Describing it, Josh said:Zerkaa, who is the eldest of the seven members of the Sidemen, shared some intriguing details regarding the group's plans for 2023.

Considering that some of the most popular Sidemen Sundays are the ones involving travel, Josh said:(Timestamp: 00:24:44)He went on to add:He concluded by saying that filming in London has become a difficult task for the group.

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