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Leslie and Sykkuno show off the Southern accent they have been practicing for Red Dead Redemption roleplay

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Leslie “Fuslie,” in a recent stream, showed off her southern accent along with Sykkuno in an attempt to get ready for Red Dead Redemption roleplay.

The streamer said she was practicing her southern accent and immediately slipped into it after some prompting from the other streamer.While both sounded stereotypically southern, the streamer's accents caused Miyoung to burst into laughter.Sykkuno and Leslie were talking about accents in the clip, and he asked her if she was getting ready for Red Dead Redemption roleplay, to which the other streamer replied that she definitely was.Sykkuno agreed, and Leslie began to speak in a stereotypical southern accent, talking about how she was looking to buy a horse.

It did not sound bad, but the former chimed in with his own bit of random dialogue, remarking:Leslie was baffled by what the streamer said, as it felt like it was just a random set of words thrown together.

Miyoung, who was also on the call, was confused.Miyoung, unable to put together a complete thought, stumbled over her words.

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