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League of Legends' new Udyr rework: Full ability changes, release date and more

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On August 5, 2022, League of Legends released a small gameplay trailer showcasing the brand new Udyr rework.While the trailer did not provide any information on the changes the champion will get, it did provide an insight into how he will look once the rework comes out.Popular YouTuber Trick2G also took to his channel to reveal some of the changes that Udyr will be getting.

The Udyr rework will be made available to League of Legends' PBE (Public Beta Environment) very soon. However, it will be followed by a lot of balancing updates, which can disrupt its release on the live servers, depending on how overpowered it feels in-game.The Udyr rework should be available in League of Legends' PBE on August 10, 2022, for patch cycle 12.16.

Unless there are any major changes, fans can expect the rework to go live along with patch 12.16 on August 24, 2022.This is currently the expected timeline, considering the developers have released the trailer for the Udyr rework all across the world.According to developer Reav3, the next champion roadmap is also expected to arrive next week.

However, it was only due for release after Udyr's rework was made available. Therefore, it is safe to say that this rework will come out in the PBE next week itself.Udyr seems to have been altered a lot.

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