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Does Prey Follow All The Predator's Rules?

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Long-running franchises often run into a lot of problems when it comes to sustaining continuity, from forgetting details to fixing issues with the original concepts.

Some details are incidental and free to be abandoned in subsequent sequels, but some feel integral to the narrative weight of an ongoing story.Prey is the fifth entry in the Predator franchise, and it's also the best piece of the franchise in decades.

The franchise has built itself almost entirely on the simple premise of an advanced alien hunting human beings for sport. Prey moves that venerable concept to the Great Plains and the early 18th century, but, the central threat is unchanged.How Prey Can Be As Good As The Original PredatorThe eponymous Predator of each film in the franchise is a member of a species known as the Yautja.

They travel the universe seeking particularly deadly foes to hunt for sport. They take trophies from their kills and require their young to prove themselves in a traditional show of strength and skill.

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