League of Legends MMO revealed early to combat leaks

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The League of Legends MMO has been rumoured since 2020 after Lead Designer at Riot Games, Greg Street proclaimed on Twitter that he was very pleased with his new job role, and that big things were coming to the League of Legends universe.

When asked by a commenter if it was an MMO, the reply was quite simply “it is an MMO”. It’s not hard to see how this sparked some confusion in the community – one of the world’s biggest game developers announcing arguably their biggest project via a reply to a tweet.

Since that day in 2020, there has been no further information given about the project, until a rather large thread was tweeted out on the 1st of August.

It’s Greg again, clearing up a little bit of the frustrations around the lack of information, and why the project was announced in such a low-key way. “The announcement was the idea of our CEO.

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