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League of Legends might soon begin testing massive Dr. Mundo updates to make him more “late game skewered”

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The League of Legends developers might be shifting things around quite a bit with Dr. Mundo in future updates, specifically targeting his late game and early game potential.In a recent tweet, a champion designer at Riot Games, Twin Enso, talked about some of the updates that they are looking to introduce to the champion’s kit.According to the developer, Riot Games will be looking to make changes that won't affect the champion's current win rate all that much.

However, it will change how the champion is played in the early and late game.Enso suggests that Mundo’s adjustments will aim to make him a bit more “late game skewed and less early game.” They plan to turn him into more of a late-game champion, taking away some of his early game potential and making his kit a bit more oriented towards the later stages of the game.Mundo is currently sitting on a 50.69% win rate in League of Legends’ Platinum rank and above, according to stat site U.GG.

He has a 0.6% ban rate and is ranked at the 25th spot out of all the top lane champions in the game, making him one of the more reliable picks in the current meta.Before moving on to the proposed Dr.

Mundo changes, it’s important to note here that the tweaks mentioned by Enso are tentative. The changes will first make their way to the League of Legends PBE before Riot Games officially ships them with the final patch.The developers are yet to start testing the proposed updates, and it’s not exactly certain as to when the Dr.

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