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League of Legends LEC's new music video Heartbreaker commemorates Rekkles' homecoming

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League of Legends LEC 2023 Winter Split will commence on January 21, 2023. Notably, proceedings have kicked off with its seasonal music video, Heartbreaker.

That said, the video celebrates Rekkles' return to LEC following his stint at Karmine Corp.It stars League of Legends LEC announcers Drakos, Ender, and Vedius to amuse fans.

As mentioned above, Heartbreak is mostly dedicated to one of LEC's greatest players, Rekkles. The lyrics revolve around his legend and how his switch from Fnatic to G2 Esports affected the castors.Throughout the song, the casters describe their mixed emotions over Rekkles' return to Fnatic.

The group emphasize how they haven't forgotten the pain stemming from his departure from G2 Esports. However, they are pleased to welcome him back and reclaim the glory from his halcyon days with Fnatic.The song also references LEC's music video Reckless With My Heart, released on February 3, 2021, after the player left Fnatic to join G2 Esports, a long-term adversary.With Drakos, Ender, and Vedius all being Fnatic fans, they were left devastated in the wake of this switch, culminating in the release of Reckless With My Heart.The song famously had lyrics that have aged like fine wine:One could say that the prophecies of these die-hard fans finally came true as Rekkles returned to the LEC.Music videos like Heartbreaker and Reckless With My Heart accentuate the LEC's image as the most entertaining and creative professional league, capable of presenting unique concepts and delighting fans.

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