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King Of Fighters Has An NFT That Not Even SNK Wants To Retweet

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In case you hadn’t heard, cryptocurrencies and the NFTs that are backed by them have crashed pretty hard in recent weeks. BitCoin has lost a third of its value in the past month alone, while NFT trading volume has fallen over 60 percent on OpenSea.

Apparently, SNK didn’t get the memo because now there’s a King of Fighters NFT project. Although, it’s possible this crypto project doesn’t have SNK’s full support.

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We got more info in the text of the tweet, which alleged that it was "officially authorized by SNK" to offer King of Fighters NFTs "to fight again in the Metaverse Arena." Of course, there’s no details as to what metaverse will actually use these NFTs, where one can purchase these NFTs, what sort of NFTs will be offered, or what price they’ll be offered at.

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